Macros for editors? What? Why? How?

Listen in to any conversation between editors, and you’ll quite soon hear some reference to ‘macros’, but if you’re someone who hasn’t started using them yet, it can all sound rather arcane and daunting.

This site is focused on Paul Beverley’s extensive library of Word macros for editors.

Questions you might reasonably ask include:

– How can I get started? Choose from a range of different approaches.
– How many macros are there? Over 1000!
– How can I find a macro I want?  Download the Macro Menu pdf.
– How can I see macros in action? Check out Paul’s Macro Video Channel.

In the meantime, the CIEP blog site has articles about macros:
Making friends with macros
Two editors introduce their favourite macros
An interview with Paul Beverley: the man behind the macros