How can I get started?

We’re not going to kid you that it’s easy getting started – but learning any new app or other technology has its challenges.

But there are ways to get help:

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The Low-Tech Sampler
If you’re nervous of the technical side of things and would value the chance to just have a go at using a few of the more popular macro tools, then start with the Macros – Free Trial instructions. (The instructions are the same for PC and Mac.)

Very quickly, and with no real technical skill, you can load a dozen or so macros and immediately start to use them in your day-to-day work.

Learn the Essential Macro Skills
If you already know that you definitely want to get started with macros, then download a copy of the Macros from Square One worksheet. This is a more flexible, expandable approach. Step by step it will teach you the essential skills for starting to use macros in your daily editing.

(Now in both English and Spanish!)

Macros from Square One (Mac)
Macros from Square One (PC)

Macros desde cero (Mac)
Macros desde cero (PC)


(Chrome users, try this PDF.)

Learn to use FRedit
The single most powerful macro for editors is FRedit. You can use it even at its simplest level and gain speed in editing, so here’s how to get started:

FRedit from Square One

FRedit desde cero

(Chrome users, try this PDF.)

For more details on FRedit, click here.

Both of the above are free, but if you want someone to offer personal help and encouragement, there’s EFA’s Word Macros A to Z course.

Also, the CIEP are developing paid materials about macros; when they are ready, we’ll flag them up on here.

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