Macro resources

Computer Tools for Editors – The book containing all the descriptions of, and instructions for, hundreds of macros.

FRedit – The single most powerful macro comes in a Zip archive containing all the files and instructions you need to get started

Videos about FRedit – 21 videos for beginners to super-users

Video list – pdf of links to all the videos, listing macros shown in each

Wildcards – pdf of resources for learning wildcarding

Wildcard list – pdf of a list of useful wildcard finds – do send in your favourites to add to it! (For use with WildcardLoader and MarkIt.)

When things go wrong – pdf explaining what to do when macros don’t work

Backup your macros – pdf of instructions (for Mac and PC) explaining how to save your macros and associated keystrokes

Hints and tips mine – pdf of unstructured ‘dump’ of ideas I’ve accumulated over many years

Macro programming – pdf of resources for learning to program your own macros

Beware Microsoft’s smart(?) options

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