My lovely wife Sue

My Sue has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s type dementia, so we’re doing what we can to help with what the World Health Organisation says is a global pandemic. It’s the only cause of death that is on the increase in the human population.

We’re fully involved with an Alzheimer’s drugs trial with Re:Cognition Health, and I’m going to try to raise money for the Alzheimer Society by doing a big bike ride.

Please support us at my JustGiving page.

Land’s End to John o’Groats

I can’t leave Sue to cycle the actual LEJoG journey (which I did in 2016), so I’ve done the 1000 miles + 39,000 ft of climb round and round Taverham, near Norwich, where we live.

I’m being joined by Sue’s best friend from college days, Sue Shrimpton – she’s walking(!) the 1000 miles, around Birmingham. Sue’s starting in January, to complete within the year; I dine mine in 27 days in April.

And here’s the JustGiving page, again. (Together we’ve raised over £9000, already, including the £2500 that Sue has sent direct to the Society!)

A big thank-you!

Free training materials

And while I’m asking for money, if you’d like to support our efforts to make self-training materials on using macros available free of charge, how about buying me a coffee?

I use all the coffee money to pay a professional trainer to write the materials.

Another big thank-you!

3 Replies to “Donate”

  1. Hi, Paul,
    I have tried to donate, but the link to JustGiving is broken.
    Can you fix it or make it be fixed?

    1. Thanks for trying. That fundraising effort has stopped now – I ran it for about 9 months. If you’d like to donate, feel free to choose a charity you admire. Bless you!

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