Best timesaver?

My friend Jack is a relative newcomer to macros, but when he lost all his macros in the middle of an urgent job, he realised how much time they had saved him. (“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone!”)

After I’d helped him to get them back, he told me that the macros he had missed most were InstantFindUp, InstantFindDown and FindFwd, FindBack.

The book had a lot of technical words which the author had sometimes used with an article and sometimes without. As he read through the text, he had to keep checking for consistency, so he clicked in the word (or selected a phrase) and used InstantFindDown to jump straight to the next occurrence and then FindFwd/Back to jump back and forth between them.

It’s only a small time saving compared with using Word’s own Find facilities, but these small savings, when multiplied, do add up – if you see what I mean!

Watch them in action (and other search macros) in a 12-min video: Macro Masterclass 2. They appear in the first 2/3 minutes of the video, but then there are other fun macros you might like.

Which macro(s) could YOU not do without? Please let us know.

For me, it has to be FRedit; if that were lost and I had to do all my global find and replaces manually I’d give up doing any editing! (Watch out for the forthcoming training materials to get you started with FRedit.)