FRedit (latest version: 1 January 2023) is a global find-and-replace macro. It is intended to be run at the beginning of a project to clear up global mistakes and inconsistencies before you begin editing. This could be removing double spaces, replacing a double hyphen with an en dash, or correcting obvious spelling errors… but much, much more.
You are likely already familiar with Word’s find-and-replace function, which will also remove double spaces and other tasks. However, in Word each find and replace must be carried out separately, whereas FRedit will execute as many find and replaces as you need, all at once – saving you a lot of time.

I downloaded [FRedit] to see how it would work with a Spanish article that I’m editing. I have to report that the macro is FABULOUS! I usually spend a lot of time hanging accents on words [but] after setting up the script file as directed, I ran the macro and wiped a significant amount of time off the editing process. It wasn’t difficult and the time saved is enormous.

Click here to download the Zip archive.

(See the videos about FRedit, Parts 0 to 7 on my YouTube channel.)


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