Videos about FRedit

FRedit for Beginners Part 0 (4:15) – Find FRedit and install it on your computer

FRedit won’t work! (3:20) – Help with trying to get FRedit working for the first time

FRedit for Beginners Part 1 (4:17) – Here’s how to get started

FRedit for Beginners Part 2 (3:50) – More techniques for file clean-up

FRedit for Beginners Part 3 (4:13) – Learn more things FRedit can do for you

FRedit for Beginners Part 4 (5:08) – Adding wildcards into your FRedit armoury

FRedit for Beginners Part 5 (5:24) – Adding and removing formatting

FRedit for Beginners Part 6 (5:53) – A few tricks of the trade

FRedit for Beginners Part 7 (16:31) – The FRedit Library

Changing fonts using FRedit (6:10) – An attempt to make a less-than-intuitive technique clearer

FReditListChecker (9.52) – Check your FRedit list for errors that are difficult to spot by eye

Advanced FRedit use (10:49) – Some high-power uses of FRedit

FRedit queries 1 (7:58) – Answers to a couple of queries about FRedit

FRedit revision 1 (15:09) – Reinforcing the basic principles of FRedit

FRedit revision 2 (5:50) – More about applying attributes, plus another gotcha

FRedit with notes and text boxes (4:58) – FRedit with foot/endnotes and text boxes

FRedit and MultiSwitch (9:09) – Differences and similarities between the two macros

New way to run FRedit (5:41) – Run FRedit by selecting a FRedit list from a menu

FRedit – Stretch yourself (31:35) – A look at one of my fairly advanced FRedit lists

Text manipulation example (12.24) – Using FRedit and other tricks to manipulate a problem text

US UK spelling conversion (12:23) – Using FRedit to speed up US/UK spelling conversion